Iluminar: to enlighten, to inspire




Development of Music Theatre Productions

We  create and manage music theatre productions.  

Management of Music Productions

We  handle bookings for already developed music productions we consider to be of good quality.

 Live Music & Entertainment

(Restaurants, Wine Farms, Private Parties, Corporate Events & Festivals)

We represent various bands and musicians and connect them to suitable performance venues  and events. We partner with businesses, consult them on suitable entertainment and manage their entertainment program.

  Events co-ordination

(Logistics & Production)

We  deliver events co-ordination  services which includes production and logistic services. Workshops, food & drink events, launches, festivals etc.

Brand Placement

(Local Business Meets Local Art)

We connect business brands with high quality artists and their audiences.

Youth Workshops

(Inspiring the Youth through Art)

We organize and manage youth workshops for youth interested in music and a career in the music industry.