January 2019

Iluminar is excited about this year. There are some great plans for 2019. And by the looks of it, it promises to be a creative year for all.

We will be easing into the year and setting up for a very busy second half of the year, with some pretty exciting projects coming up. We can’t wait to bring you exciting material and bands. Please check in at the beginning of every month to find out what Iluminar has install for you.

In the meantime, we are happy to continue working with Marianne Wine Estate. We kick off the second year of our #SundayWineSet at Marianne. This takes place on the last Sunday of each¬† month. Our first #SundayWineSet of the year features Cape Town reggae band, The Rivertones. We can’t wait for them to visit the wine estate. Be sure to book in advance, as we have a feeling this is going to be a busy one. February sees the talented Degenaar sisters with their band The Betsie Beers perform at Marianne. They never disappoint. If you are into folk, country and bluegrass, this is for you!

It does not feel like it, but pretty soon it is Woordfees again! Time sure does fly – if you did not notice this last year. It is never too late to start booking your tickets for Woordfees 2019. We have three diverse shows running from 2-5 March and we would like to invite you to come and watch all three if you have the chance. See our gig details for more info. Also feel free to follow us on Facebook for more information.

Iluminar looks forward to further develop the radio theatre piece ‘Smeltkroes’ for theatre. This production should make its debut in the second half of the year and features actor Marlo Minnaar.

My Miriam Makeba Story proved to be a huge hit and will be running at KKNK, the Suidooster Festival and the Fynarts Festival in the first half of this year. We are also planning a brand new show for the talented Sima Mashazi – watch this space!

We are also excited to be working alongside Ramon Alexander with artist Ibrahim Khalil Shihab – working to create opportunities for this legendary pianist, composer and songwriter. He is under management of I-Studios with whom Iluminar enjoys working.

Adding to our list of shows for consideration, we will also be supporting the stylish tribute show, Ella Fitzgerald – developed, owned and performed by Anna Davel. Sima Mashazi collaborates with Anna in this show.

There is also some exciting news with regards to Iluminar’s project ‘Korreltjie Kantel‘. We won’t be letting the cat out of the bag as of yet, but do keep your eyes and ears on the ground. One can almost not believe that a project could last so long. It does seem as if this production has a long life, just as the works of Brink and Jonker proved to have. Iluminar looks forward to sharing some exciting news with you pretty soon!

If you are a performing artist and would like Iluminar to represent you, feel free to contact Luna Paige to find out if there is a match. If you have a live music venue, or a business that could benefit from live entertainment – don’t hesitate to contact Luna Paige for a consultation.

Here’s to a fantastic year!

Luna Paige