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With the news of Covid hitting hard in March, things surely came to a halt for a while here at Iluminar Productions. We would like to say thank you to ClemenGold who allowed us to re-allocate project funds to support artists and industry persons in need during this time. During the first 7 weeks of lockdown we managed to provide some financial relief to 39 musicians, 1 sound engineer, 2 booking agencies and 4 live music venues in the Western Cape. This would not be possible without the generous support of ClemenGold. In the month of May it was important to keep our ears to the ground to see what the government allows and what not, and what initiatives one can put in place to generate income for our artists and also to keep entertaining and inspiring the wider public. We have been quiet in May, but we have not been hibernating. Now is the time to announce some exciting news and initiatives as we head into the month of June and the ClemenGold season.


In the week 1-5 June 2020 we will be releasing a single titled “Reach the Sky”. This song will go hand in hand with a fundraising campaign by the same name which will support a feeding scheme of our choice as well as musicians in need of aid during this time. This project is collaborative in nature and serves as a thank you from the ClemenGold beneficiaries to ClemenGold. Please see ‘Top Picks’ for more info on the “Reach the Sky” project and who took part in the recording and filming of this inspiring single and how you can access the song and contribute towards this campaign.


We are excited to announce that Iluminar Productions, ClemenGold and Drostdy Theatre in Stellenbosch has taken hands in recording, filming and streaming music and music theatre productions as of the month of June 2020. Iluminar Productions will kick off their series of 7 live streams with existing productions that were already developed and scheduled to run in the first half of 2020. These include the classical performance piece Folk 101 by music group Here Be Dragons (as seen at Woordfees 2020), the Blues tribute show Her Blues Trio by Luna Paige, Simon Orange and Ben Badenhorst (which made its debut in March 2020 at the Alma Café in Cape Town) as well as Luna Paige’s new music show 21 Years Later that debuted at Woordfees 2020 and was scheduled to run for the remainder of the year. She is joined on stage by Schalk van der Merwe on bass, Frank Freeman on guitars and Blake Hellaby on keys. Iluminar Productions is planning and curating some wonderful debut shows for the remaining 4 live streams – one of which will include a previously recorded music theatre piece that is super special and a treat to lovers of Afrikaans literature especially. Do see ‘Top Picks’ for more info on the upcoming live streams, their dates and how you can purchase tickets to enjoy them.


As CEO of ClemenGold (Abraham van Rooyen) reminder Iluminar Productions – “The future belongs to those who plan”! It is for this reason that Iluminar Productions will be using this time to develop, write and produce some exciting and innovative new collaborative ideas and productions for the coming year(s). We know that the arts flourishes in hard times – as they are the breeding ground for new ideas, inspiration and transformation. Any artists / creatives looking to collaborate and take hands with Iluminar Productions, please do make contact with Luna Paige on


The release date of “Reach the Sky” will be announced on Monday 1 June 2020. The dates and times of the first 3 live streams will be made public by Monday the 8th of June 2020. Do follow us on Facebook or our Website to stay updated on our news.

Stay safe
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