Bowie Baroque

by Here be Dragons

Bowie Baroque is a classical concert featuring re-imagined versions of David Bowie’s songs as if he were living in Argentina, France and Germany in the 1600’s and 1700’s. The end result is an exquisite classical piece with three distinctly different suites, sending the listener down a Bowie memory lane, but also transporting them through time from 1960’s England all the way to Argentina, France and Germany in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Bowie Baroque is the brainchild of composer and violinist Jan-Hendrik Harley. This classical performance piece entails Baroque interpretations of popular songs written and composed by iconic music figure David Bowie. Appreciators of classical music, Baroque music and believe it or not, David Bowie – will find this concert surprisingly moving as well as effectively striking and entertaining; as the arranger, team leader, violinist and guitar player revisits the works of David Bowie (1960’s – 1970’s) and re-imagines it in a time between the 16h00’s and mid-1700’. The Baroque arrangements are inspired by Argentinian, French and German Baroque composing styles and the musicians perform on traditional period instruments to help create the authentic Baroque sound and style. The ensemble ‘Here be Dragons’ consists of four classical musicians with extensive performance experience. Jan-Hendrik Harley performs on viola and Baroque guitar, Mariechen Meyer performs on the double bass, Joshua Frank on the recorder and guitar and John Pringle plays percussion. This classical program has been performed at the Greyton Classical Festival, at the PJ Olivier Arts Centre in Stellenbosch, sold out at the Baroque Festival in Cape Town and had two fantastic runs at Woordfees 2019 in Stellenbosch.


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