die ander konsert stoepDie Ander Konsert

With Pietman Geldenhuys, Ronan Skillen, Schalk Joubert, Luna Paige, Mavis Vermaak, Nick Turner, Frieda van den Heever and Gerald Clark

An Eclectic Afrikaans music production featuring 6 singer-songwriters. Six riveting voices, 2 chatty pianos, 3 guitars, a world class bass guitar player and an Irishman playing Indian and indigenous percussion. All these musicians join on stage to share their songs and stories. This show offers something for everyone! Standing ovations and wonderful reviews at the Woordfees and KKNK (2015). With Peter Mitchell, Frieda van den Heever, Mavis Vermaak, Nick Turner, Gerald Clark, Luna Paige, Schalk Joubert and Ronan Skillen.

Die Ander Konsert made its debut at the Woordfees and KKNK in 2015. Audiences loved the music production and it was a great hit under music critics. All the role players in the music production are musicians who make their way in the entertainment industry in a diverse and interesting manner. Luna Paige (owner of Iluminar Productions) is a songwriter, singer and producer. Pietman Geldenhuys is a comedian, MC, actor, songwriter and singer. Frieda van den Heer is a voice artist, actress, songwriter and singer. Nick Turner is a guitar player, songwriter, singer, music teacher and community worker. Mavis Vermaak is a copywriter, poet, visual artist and singer. Gerald Clark is a blues man, songwriter and singer. Schalk Joubert produces and composes music for albums and movies. Ronan Skillen plays percussion for various bands and is a member of international bands who perform across the world.

All of these musicians decided to join forces to do something unique in Afrikaans. Die Ander Konsert is a collection of collaborations of original songs, as well as unique interpretations and renditions of popular and well-known songs by songwriters the group admires. Examples are traditional Cape Folk Songs and songs by artists such as Valiant Swart, Anton Goosen, Laurika Rauch and Amanda Strydom. In this production, the group succeeds in highlighting how versatile and diverse Afrikaans music can be.

Die Ander Konsert is presented by quirky musicians, who operate in a wide array of areas in the entertainment industry and who write and compose a diverse collection of music. Together they ensure a guaranteed “different” experience.

REVIEWS (translated from Afrikaans media reviews)

“What an audience member will remember most about this ‘concert’, is the absolute joy that filled the venue. When people on stage enjoy what they do so much, it feels as if an invisible magic has been sprinkled over the audience”. (Mariana Malan, Die Burger, KKNK, April 2015)

“Guitar work, piano, percussion, lyrics and voices…every member of this group knows their craft and they do it with heart and soul…One gets Afrikaans music and then one gets music in Afrikaans. Die Ander Konsert is the latter. Make sure you don’t miss this”. (Madeleine Barnard, Krit, KKNK, April 2015)