Korreltjie Kantel 

With Luna Paige, Nick Turner, Jamie Jupiter, Wessel Pretorius and Christine Truter

Directed by Mareli Pretorius

We are taking our Afrikaans music theatre production to Netherlands and Belgium in the month of October! This was made possible by the support of the arts community in and around South Africa as well as our proud sponsor ClemenGold and ClemenGold Gin!


We will be traveling to Belgium where we will form part of the University of Gent’s literary colloquium which will be taking place between 16-18 October. We will be performing at the Tinnenpot Theatre on the 17th of October. This was made possible by the Centrum voor Afrikaanse Studie and Tinnenpot Theatre. Thereafter we will be off to the Netherlands where we will be performing in 5 cities across Netherlands. It includes theatre performances in Leiden, Delft, Amsterdam, Bemmel and Utrecht. We are so honored to be able to share our love for literature, music and visual art with a brand new and curious audience in Europe. Thanks to Sijthoff Cultuur, Rietveld Theater, Theaterkerk, Theater Kikker, De Nieuwe Liefde and the Zuid-Afrikahuis for taking a chance on us. Zuid-Afrikahuis in Amsterdam included our show into their ‘Maand van de Geschiedenis’ program, which is themed ‘Zij/Hij’. We look forward to working with all these establishments in Belgium and Netherlands. Please see the list of performances below and feel free to share this with your friends and family in Europe.


17 October

Korreltjie Kantel

Theater Tinnenpot

Ghent, Belgium

Doors open 19:50

Show starts 20:00

Tickets: 15 €, 12 € (under 18 & pensioners)

Enquiries: 09 225 1860 / info@tinnenpot.be

Ticket Link: Tinnenpot.be


19 October

Korreltjie Kantel

Sijthoff Cultuur

Leiden, Netherlands

Doors open: 19:30

Show starts: 20:00

Tickets: 15€, 10€ (students)

Inquiries: info@sijthoff-leiden.nl

Ticket link: Sijthoff


22 October

Korreltjie Kantel

Rietveld Theater

Delft, Netherlands

Doors open: 20:00

Show starts: 20:30

Tickets: 18€

Ticket Link: Rietveld Teater


24 October

Korreltjie Kantel – acoustic version


Amsterdam, Netherlands

De Maand van Geschiedenis – Zij/Hij

Doors open: 19:00

Show starts: 19:30

Tickets: 15€

Inquiries: evenementen@zuidafrikahuis.nl

Ticket Link: www.zuidafrikahuis.nl


25 October

Korreltjie Kantel

Theaterkerk – Theaterzaal

Bemmel, Netherlands

Doors open: 20:15

Show starts: 20:30

Tickets: 17.50€ (incl drink)

Ticket link: Aanlyn


26 October

Korreltjie Kantel

De Nieuwe Liefde

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Doors open:

Show start:

Tickets: 20 €, 15 € (students)

Inquiries: +31 (0) 20 589 1680 / info@denieuweliefde.com

Ticket link: https://apps.ticketmatic.com/widgets/amerpodia/addtickets?event=554091627061#!/addtickets


27 October

Korreltjie Kantel 

Theater Kikker

Utrecht, Netherlands

Doors open: 19:30

Show starts: 20:30

Tickets: 20 €

Ticket link: Theater Kikker


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For inquiries about this tour feel free to mail Luna Paige on lunapaigemusic@gmail.com