Iluminar Productions has been working as entertainment organizer for De Akker Pub for a few years. Together with the owner of De Akker, Iluminar Productions created the popular StoepSessions which provides opportunity for young and established musicians to showcase their talents to patrons of the oldest pub in town. StoepSessions take place every Friday between 6pm and 8pm (September – May). It also includes 10 nights of live music over the 10 day period of one of SA’s most popular art festivals. The 10 nights of live music is partially sponsored by Distell and Peninsula Beverages.


Due to live music license issues, De Akker decided not to host Stoepsessions in Spring 2019 and Summer 2020, but we are ready to roll with our 10 nights of live music in March 2020. The line up from 6-15 March 2020 will be announced within the next two weeks as of today (04/02/2020).

To perform at De Akker contact Iluminar Productions.