Luna Paige

Luna Paige is the founder and CEO of Iluminar Productions.  She is an entrepreneur, singer-songwriter and producer in the music industry. She made her debut on an all-female compilation album in 1999 (Eve: Women in the garden of song) and has released 5 original albums and one compilation concept album (Korreltjie Kantel) since then. Her songs are play listed on various radio stations and she regularly performs at local arts festivals and music theatres across country. Luna has performed in the Netherlands on three occasions (2014 – 2016). Luna founded Iluminar Productions in 2016 and acts as producer, manager, agent, publicist and events coordinator within Iluminar Productions.  Shows Luna has developed: Die Ander Konsert, Korreltjie Kantel, Her Blues. She is currently working on a new commissioned show (to be announced soon). Luna advised on music production My Miriam Makeba Story.

Denise Barnes

Denise Barnes is mostly known as long-time manager of Chris Chameleon. She partnered with Luna Paige and played a fundamental role in the start-up of the company. Her law background and experience as booking agent and artist manager (Chris Chameleon, Khan, Taylor) proved to be invaluable. Denise will be exploring new career opportunities as of 2019, but will form part of larger Iluminar Productions projects from time to time. She is now also involved in festival planning.