TOP PICK 1 2020

‘Reach the Sky’ Single Release and Fundraising Campaign The single was released on the 4th of June. Visit Iluminar Production’s Youtube channel to view this fun video made during lockdown. You can purchase the song via BUSQR’s payment platform and contribute towards a fund that will support 14-18 musicians during lockdown as well as 2 feeding schemes! It is beautiful to see the positive attitudes of our musicians – trying their best to create and innovate amid all the uncertainty and its subsequent underlying anxiety. It is heart-warming to see how it is these people who are taking care of the collective mood by continuing to entertain its fellow citizens by whatever means possible.  

TOP PICK 2 2020

Live Streams from Drosdy Theatre We are excited to announce that Iluminar Productions, ClemenGold and Drostdy Theatre in Stellenbosch has taken hands in recording, filming and streaming music and music theatre productions as of the month of June 2020.  By the 5th of June we have already filmed and recorded three productions. The ‘Her Blues Trio’ filmed Her Blues. The Baroque Folk Ensemble ‘Here be Dragons’ filmed and recorded Folk 101 and Luna Paige filmed her show ’21 Years Later’ which made its debut at Woordfees 2020. We will be announcing streaming dates by the 12th of June! Keep your ears on the ground.